Stephy Sanrio (stephysanrio) wrote,
Stephy Sanrio

Pokemon Tomy Figures (Permanent Sales Post)


- FEEDBACK: PKMNcollectors LJ - Instagram - Ebay
-I ship from Miami, FL.
- Shipping prices start at $2.70 for US orders. For international prices start at $3.50 via first class mail.
- If buying tcg cards I can send on an envelope however it won't have tracking.
- I ship orders every day except on the weekends or holidays.
- I am not responsible for any lost packages.

For anything with no price contact me or comment below for a quote!
You can also email: -  IG: stephychu025

Prices are based on sold listings (eBay) and collector pricing guides-> Offers welcomed too! Happy buying! :3

USE CTRL+F to find something faster :)
UPDATED: Oct 2017

NIP Tomy
(click thumbnails to enlarge)

$15 volbeat pineco whishmur hoothoot
$20: loudred snorunt, castform, medicham, spinarak, slowking, jumpluff, sunkern, skiploom
remoraid, smoochum, qwilfish, manectric, lanturn, chinchou, nidoran male
Venonat: $6 - Meowth: $6 - Drowzee/Hypno Double Pack: $9

Pokemon NIP takara tomys:
nip tomys: sewaddle $4 - accelgor bastiodon shieldon foongus servine cryogonal $4 ->  everything else $3

Loose Tomys:
(click thumbnails to enlarge)

some zukans & kids -->
conditions vary I can provide close ups upon request.
kids are $3 each - Zukans will only sell as set
SOLD: Machoke, Machamp, Aggron, Haunter, Gastly, Flareon, chatot, nidoran female, snubbull

I have almost everything you see in the pics on  ebay:

Check for prices there to make things easier -> and substract 10% if you pay directly by paypal :)
*Bulk discounts available!

$3 figures:
sandrew, omastar, venonat, hoot hoot, fearow, spearow, metapod, zapdos, moltres, articuno, venomoth, sunflora, psyduck, golduck, tangela, geodude, ratata, arbok, ekans, farfetch, porygon, meowth, seadra, horsea, jigglypuff, poliwag, raticate, seaking, tortera, drifblim, magenium,pidove,eevee
mewtwo,  venasaur, growlithe, quilava, aggron,nidoking, tepig,  raichu, poliwhirl, blissey, absol, munchlax, wynaut, loudred, whismur, charixard,  wobuffet, pikachus, mareep, lickilicki, chikorita, azelf, croconaw, typhlosion, phione, pinplup line, magmortar, chimchar, quagsire, sandlash, registeel, togekiss, poliwrath, zorua, dudrigon, hypno, riolu, regigigas, vaporeon,seel, pachiritsu,

For anything else with no price let me know in a comment what you want & I will give you a quote.


Offers accepted!
Huge Pikazard SOLD - Angry version pikazard $60 - Smiley version $55  - pikazard mascot 25 - duskull chu $15 - $12 for charms
Rainbow plushes:
flying pika $85 - winking pika $60 - smiley pika( damaged box) $30 - dittochu $200

no title no title
Cynthia nendoroid $50 - N Japanese Nendoroid $70  ||   moncolle mega figures $10
no title
pikachu beds $10 - charms $10   ||  custom amiibo $55



$30 for pikadosdeck box & sleeves

no title
3 regular art exs for $10 !!! (not megas or full arts)

M gallade $7           |     Latios ex $4     |      Kanghaskan ex $4          |      Aggron ex $4      |     M latios ex $7      |      Thundurus ex $4        | M tyranitar ex $10   | M Houndoom $10

SOLD:  break cards

Jap Cards

All jap EX regular art $4 (malamar $3) OR 3 regular art exs for $10 !!!
Breaks $3
megas $6
Jap full arts $10-25

no titleno titleno titleno title
no title poncho pikachu $5

PSA Cards:

no titleno titleno title

Others: $35-45
$55darkrai- cresselia - reshiram

GS Mewtwo $150 /
Shiny dusknoir $55
Lucario ex $25
Absol & m Absol ex $90
Shiny Ray SOLD
Pikachu GS $150
Mega Tokyo pikachu psa 10 $35
Shiny Ray FA $35

Xy8: $40
SR: $45

Regular art $10
Regular art Megas & Break cards $15

Ps9 m Gallade FA English $20
darkrai 55, groudon $30, pika anni $145, battle festa pika $60, pikados,pikakarp SOLD

no title

6 packs for $10  **NOT WEIGHTED** however this are left over packs from boxes so most likely wont have any ex! *

PokemonTCG Binders
Kalos Starters $10 shipped (in new condition)
Oras mini binders: SOLD

Tags: absol, aerodactyl, aggron, aipoms, alakazaam, ambipom, ampharos, arbok, arcanine, archeops, ariados, articuno, ash noctowl, auldey tomy, azelf, azumarill, bayleaf, beautifly, bellosom, bellsprout, budew, bulbasaur ivysaur venusaur charmander ch, chansey, chinchou, clamperl, clefairy, cleffa, cloyster, corphish, corsola, crobat, croconaw, cyndaquil, delibird, deoxys, dewgong, ditto, dittochu, doduo, donphan, dragons exalted, dratini, drowzee, eevee, ekans, electabuzz, electrode, espeon, fearow, ferligatr, flaaffy, flash fire, forsale, fortress, furious fists, gabite, garchomp, gastly, gengar, giraffig, gliggar, gloom, golbat, goldeen, golduck, golem, grandbull, graveler, grimer, growlithe, hariyama, heracross, hippopotas, hoppip, horsea, houndoom, houndour, igglypuff, jolteon, kabuto, kabutops, kingdra, koffing, kricketune, kss, kyogre, lanturn, latias, latios, leafeon, lickilicky, lickytung, machamp, machoke, machop, magby, magcargo, magikarp, magmortar, mankey, mareep, marill, marowak, meditite, meowth, metapod, mew, mewtwo, misdreavus, moltres, moncolle, moncolle collection, moncollecollection, monkore, monkore collection, muk, munchlax, next destinies, nidoking, nidoqueen, nidoran, ninjask, nintendo, noctowl, octillery, omanyte, omastar, pachiritsu, paras, parasect, pelipper, phanpy, pikachu, plasma blast, pocketmonsters, pokemon, pokemon cards, pokemon psa, pokemon tomy, pokemon trading cards, pokemonfigures, pokemontomy, pokemontoys, pokemonxy, politoed, poliwag, poliwhirl, poliwrath, poochyena, porygon 2, prinplup, psa 10, psa pokemon, psa pokemon cards, psyduck, quagsire, qwilfish, raichu, rattata, remoraid, rhydon, rhyhorn, roselia, sandshrew, sandslash, scyther, seadot, seadra, seaking, seel, shaymin, shellder, shiny noctowl, skiploom, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, slugma, smeargle, smoochum, snobull, snubbull, spearow, spinarak, spinark, squirtle, stantler, staraptor, starly celebi, starvia, steelix, sunflora, sunkern, swellow, taillow, takara tomy, takaratomy, tangela, tauros, tcg, tediursa, tentacool, tentacruel, tepig, thundurus, togetic, tomy, tomypokemon, torchic, torterra, tyrogue, uxie, vaporeon, venomoth, venonat, vileplume, voltorb, wailmer, weezing, whismur, wynaut, xatu, xy, yanma, yanmega, zangoose, zapdos, zoroark, zubat
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